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 hire a freelance investigative journalist uk

Jamie Penn, Recent Projects - Awaiting Bids

Park Bench - 14 days homeless on a park bench, living and sleeping undercover as a 'bum' in Southern England with nothing but some worn out clothes and a note book and pencil. Relying on the good of human nature to survive, every moment documented, every moment revealed.

Care Home Cook - 2 months working undercover inside a private UK care home with 20 elderly residents, documenting the staff issues, the standards of care, the attitudes towards the residents and the real people working for a pittance in this thankless demanding job.

Time Share, 20 years on - 2 weeks working undercover as a timeshare salesman in Europe, having done the same thing 20 years ago the industry is revisited 20 years on, now supposedly heavily regulated! 3 days in intense training then working along side some of the most ruthless reps in the timeshare industry. Have things really changed?

Recession Hit Restaurant - 3 months undercover 'blagging it' as a classically trained French Chef in a UK restaurant examining the downturn in tourism, the struggle for survival in a recession hit industry and the shortcuts typically taken to survive.

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